Reduce Roaming Charges

Having issues with your employees travelling and incurring charges without a roaming package?
Install Data Tracker and make sure you don't get a holiday hangover from roaming bill shock.

With this software, we can track our subscribers usage and manage our operational needs tailored to business unit or to the specific users. With Intriga, we have mobility solution to help guide us.

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Real-time Roaming Alerts

Get a notification when your employee has taken their company device on a trip. Be confident in the selection of your roaming package by viewing their historical usage pattern.

Employees will receive an automatic alert on their smartphone. No excuses for roaming bill shock anymore!

monitor roaming data 

Roaming data is the very expensive! Create policy limits and alerts for your employees using the Policy Editor. 

Set warning thresholds so that the employees are notified when they are approaching the limits of their travel package and trigger actions for you to be notified as well.

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Get your data usage under control.

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