MDM is a Mobile Device Management tool, designed for small business, that secures and configures your hardware at a fraction of the cost. You can create a passcode policy, configure corporate email, push applications, remove Activation Lock (and much more!) across your iOS and Android devices.

Own & Control Corporate Devices

Control your fleet with easy to use software that enforces organizational policy.

Secure Company Networks & Email

Access to emails, contacts, and networks are protected and monitored
from vulnerability and abuse.

Manage Applications

Optimize fleet usage by viewing, restricting, and pushing apps to devices
from an easy-to-use console

Why is MDM software so complex and riddled with features i’ll never use?

Everything your business needs

Pre-Configure hardware

Leverage programs like Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) or Samsung's KNOX Mobile Enrollment, to keep your management controls permanent and customize the setup experience. Take control, right from the initial 'Hello' screen, and auto-configure devices from the moment an employee receives their phone. 

Control & Push Applications

Be alerted when employees install application they shouldn't, view a device's installed apps, and push applications for install.

Push WiFi & Email

Leverage your investment in Wifi and configure devices to auto-join available networks. Automatically push and remove corporate email settings.

Control Cellular Network usage

Receive roaming alerts for devices that travel off their home network and disable features like tethering to control expense data usage.


Turn off hardware and operating system capabilities such as the camera, App Store or even messaging. 

PassCodes & Wipe

Increase security by forcing passcode criteria and remotely locking or wiping content.

Download our data sheet

A PDF summary of all Work Pass's features can be downloaded for reference.