Clear Cost is Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software designed to help you lower your carrier costs. By simplifying the review process with interactive analytics you can quickly identify problem areas .

Manage your contract

Improve line management, allocate features & plans properly, identify behavioural issues, and address contract features all in a centralized console.


simple, INTUITIVE reporting

Focus on what matters and drill down when needed. Investigate issues, and allocate financial expenses across your organization.

Improve Visibility

Help your employees understand their usage through push notifications and email reports. Discover the impact a self-service portal and handheld application 


Remove the paperwork

Stop working with complex, homegrown and error-prone Excel worksheets. Work online in a modern environment and improve your efficiency.


Fleet Analytics

With interactive graphing tools, and easy-to-understand trending analysis, you'll get a clear picture of your mobile fleet to identify what matters.

Device ANalytics

Investigate a specific device with a micro-view of all reporting functions including: cost, usage, policy, expected cost, and line state. 


Cost comparison

Compare actual costs and device usage against expected costs and usage policy.


Manage Lines

Discover and suspend unused lines. Drill down into lines that shouldn't be active and uncover potential savings.


Here, use my phone for that call, my company pays for it anyway.
— Most employees

push information to those responsible

Email Notifications

Deliver cost and usage detail directly to employees through email, push notifications, and click through portals. Prevent unnecessary costs, at the source, before they accumulate.

Manager Communications

Send group summary detail to to managers; let them decide how to address employee costs and usage. 

In-Depth reporting

Fleet reporting

Pull comprehensive reports by cost, usage, and division or create custom reports quickly and easily.

Acceptable Use Violations 

Set and manage usage policy for data, text, and voice. Identify which devices are violating policy.

Allocate Expenses

Allocate the expenses to the appropriate cost centres or accounting codes and upload directly into your financial system.

Download our Data Sheet

A PDF summary of all features can be downloaded for reference.