Track, monitor and set policy for data usage on iPhone and Android devices. Data Tracker is a real-time monitoring tool that tracks, monitors, and analyzes corporate device data usage, WiFi usage, and roaming when the usage occurs.

Real-Time Tracking

Provides real-time usage tracking by tracking data usage on each device. Warnings can be delivered to when data usage limits are approaching..

impactful Insights

When the data limits of a carrier plan are exceeded, they can often result in extreme service charges.

Data Tracker allows you to directly monitor the data usage of your mobile fleet in real-time.


App + Console

Data Tracker consists of two components. An app, available for iOS and Android, that tracks data use and an online console that analyzes, displays, and manages mobile fleet data use.

Policy Compliance

app-to-console connectivity

  • Monitor data usage, WIFI usage, and roaming in real-time
  • Console is notified and can react to roaming devices
  • End-users are notified and can react to roaming device
  • Informs you when to add additional data or if it should be switched off
  • Console is alerted when devices are close to or are exceeding policy


Policy Threshold Setups

Set usage limits based on corporate policy that trigger actions, alerts, and highlights summaries

Analysis & Reporting

Device Forecasting

Usage trends tells you in advance which devices are going to exceed policy


Fleet Trend Reporting

Analyze fleet and device usage over time to gain insight into change effectiveness


In-Depth Device Reporting

In-depth device reporting capabilities deliver insight on daily carrier usage with the ability to highlight non-working days (weekend)

Alerts & notifications

Mobile App Alerts

Mobile app alerts notify end-users when:

  • A device is near or exceeding monthly data policy limits
  • Roaming has surpassed package dates assigned
  • The device is roaming (with or without a package applied)
  • A monthly cost and usage summary is available
  • A customized notification has been pushed 


Customized Notifications

Push notification pop-ups, banners, and ad hoc messages to a single device or across a mobile fleet

Download our Data Sheet

A PDF summary of all Data Tracker's features can be downloaded for reference.